Biotecan has become the novel coronavirus nucleic acid testing institution designated

6 May 2020


In order to support the enterprises, institutions and schools to fulfill the demand of resuming work, production and study, Shanghai government encouraged work units or individuals to make an appointment with a designated institution to carry out the novel coronavirus nucleic acid test in accordance with the principle of voluntary self-payment. Recently, Shanghai Biotecan Medical Laboratory has become a third-party testing institution designated by Shanghai Municipal Health Commission to carry out the detection of novel coronavirus nucleic acid. The appointment process is as follows:

Novel coronavirus nucleic acid test appointment

Appointment methods

Telephone appointment

Tel: 021-50277725

WeChat appointment

Please follow the “Biotecan Medicine” official account, and enter “novel coronavirus” at the input interface, then fill in the reservation information.

Sweep Code appointment

Test cost

240 RMB/person-time

Kindly reminder

    Please bring valid ID card or passport when sampling.

Intended for

· personnel leaving Wuhan and returning to Shanghai

· personnel returning to Shanghai after business trip to other places

· family members and caregivers of the inpatients

· students and faculty returning to school

· other individuals or units voluntarily tested

· Do not receive people with fever (temperature ≥ 37.3 ℃), cough and other suspicious symptoms. The above personnel should go to the relevant designated hospital for treatment

Reporting period

Issue the report within 12-24 hours after sampling

Samples collection methods

Throat swabs (do not take food 30 minutes before sampling), nasopharyngeal swabs

Sampling time and location

Sampling time

8:00-18:00 from Monday to Sunday (please make an appointment in advance for special time)

Sampling location

No. 180 Zhang Heng Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai (The First Shanghai Center)

Testing process

Appointment registration--onsite payment--samples collection--samples testing--Report/invoice receiving

As the domestic leading clinical molecular diagnostic enterprise, Shanghai Biotecan Medical Laboratory has passed the national assessment of quality control among testing laboratories for novel coronavirus nucleic acid in 2020 and obtained the certification of novel coronavirus nucleic acid detection ability by Shanghai Center for Clinical Laboratory. Biotecan has a professional, rigorous and standardized laboratory quality control and testing process, along with well-trained virus detecting professional and technical personnel, which can quickly carry out virus testing tasks, and timely and effectively check out asymptomatic infected persons, ensuring the health and safety of returning workers, teachers and students, to avoid aggregate outbreaks caused by new imported cases, and making contribution of Biotecan to the final victory of the war against the epidemic.


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