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At Shanghai Biotecan Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd. our mission is to provide the best healthcare services through the most advanced technology. The company’s goal is to empower every medical professional and patient with specific knowledge to properly treat and prescribe patients symptoms and conditions through precision medicine. Biotecan uses strict quality management control system and strictly follows China’s GLP (Good Laboratory Practice of Drugs) standards. The company has International CAP Certification, and China’s Genetic Clinical Laboratory Certification (PCR).

Biotecan has an unparalleled team of experts from around the world in molecular diagnostics, medical big data, technology, engineering, and commercial development, making us a pioneer in precision medicine. Biotecan was founded in 2008, and currently owns 19 subsidiaries.

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  • Began our journey in precision medicine field
  • Established the first independent medical laboratory in Shanghai Pudong district
  • Zhangjiang Center for Translational Medical Research, Shanghai was established
  • Fudan-Zhangjiang Clinical Joint Molecular Research Center was established
  • Co-operated with Sinopharm Group Co.Ltd. and constituted the National Medical Big Data Platform
  • Foundation of Medical Big Data Public Service Platform in National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone
  • Undertook one of the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China ("863 project"): Biomedical Big Data Research and Development
  • National Post-Doctoral Program was launched at Biotecan
  • Biotecan was appointed as Precision Medicine Big Data Platform in Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone
  • Establishment of Shanghai Precision Medicine Big Data Center
  • Establishment of Shanghai Zhangjiang Institute of Medical Innovation Research
  • Settlement of Academician Dr. Shengli Yang’s Workstation at Biotecan
  • Medical Big Data Public Service Platform of Shanghai was approved
  • Entered a new era of Precision Medical Treatment – launching the product line of Intestinal Microecology
  • Launched the first Project Roadshow of Zhangjiang Center for Translational Medicine, Shanghai (Zhangjiang Pharmaceutical Union)
  • Ability of COVID-19 TEST at Biotecan was qualified by Shanghai Center for Clinical Laboratory
  • Our COVID-19 Nucleic-Acid Test Laboratory obtained the verification from Shanghai Center For Clinical Laboratory
  • Shanghai Municipal Health Commission appointed Biotecan as one of the national designated COVID-19 Test Centers
  • Our significant contribution in the fight against COVID-19 was honored as “Advanced Collective of Shanghai Social Medicine Ogranization”


Creativity by collaboration is championship
Technology by teamwork is tomorrow

Warm monthly Employers’ Birthday Party. Take you to feel the unique charm of Biotecan

Dream with Biotecan, Love with Biotecan
Biotecan’s Summer Camp conducted unforgettable Shanghai tour for students from GuiZhou

On July 5th, Biotecan welcomed a group of young scientists. Under the leadership of Biotecan’s scientific experts, they explored the mysteries of life and felt the charm of Genetics through a series of unique and vivid scientific experience activities, which planted the seeds of scientists’ dreams for them.

On October 28th, our staff’s autumn outdoor activities were held at Shanghai Fengxian Outdoor Training Base.

Under the refreshing wind and warm sunshine, all members were divided into six teams, and picking their own leaders as well as unique slogans, and worked together to complete games such as “Flying Dragon Going to Sea,” “Card Storm,” and “Crossing Cubes.” In order to complete the task efficiently in the shortest time, it was necessary to change the habitual thought patterns and to learn teamwork importance. Although the game process was tense and tiring, the trainees all said that the trip has benefited a lot. This experience made us recognize and learn the power of team spirit, stimulating our personal potentials and strengthens the courage and confidence to challenge ourselves.