Medical Big Data

In recent years, with the development of multi-omics technologies such as genes, proteins, and metabolism, we have explored and studied the mechanism of disease occurrence and development from multiple levels of genes, proteins, and cells, and searched for new models for disease diagnosis and treatment. The concept of diagnosis and treatment has also experienced the development from empirical medicine to evidence-based medicine to precision medicine. Precision medicine is a collection of scientific resources, medical resources and industrial resources to achieve collaborative creation and clinical application of emerging technologies.

Biotecan, in conjunction with various medical institutions in China and Shanghai Zhangjiang Biomedical Industry, uses their respective superior technologies and resources to jointly promote the development of the biomedical field and build a “medical big data center”.

The medical big data center covers molecular diagnosis and personalized medicine, and medical big data cloud computing analysis of the translational medical R & D and application center.

Adopt world-class hardware platform, innovative technology with independent intellectual property rights, large database and large computer software and hardware system to form a system solution for clinical diagnosis and molecular diagnosis services.

In accordance with international mainstream standards, a new-generation sequencing (NGS) high-end health management center was jointly established with medical institutions. According to the patient's genomic characteristics, a personalized health management plan was customized, and a standardized health data collection and follow-up system was established.

Build medical cloud computing centers including large-scale disease clinical databases, genomic reference databases, massive data processing and mining, etc., to provide technical support for the related research of omics clinical data such as genes, proteins, and metabolism.

Technical support function

Provide a common technical support platform for translational medical research and promote integrated innovation.

Aggregation function

Attract domestic and foreign professionals, pharmaceutical companies, investment institutions, etc., to play the role of resource concentration, and promote the development of translational medicine.

Service function

Provide systematic precision medical services for medical institutions, improve the quality of medical services, and form an industrialized alliance. As an important node of the big data network, the partners can share data, carry out translational medical research, and achieve leapfrog development in scientific research.

Medical big data will definitely play a significant role, "Data is an asset, data is a service". With the medical big data network, the value of data assets will be deeply explored and applications will be formed to realize the conversion of value data into data assets and data capital and promote industrial upgrading.