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Biotecan Special Team Struggling on the Front Line of Anti-epidemic War

At the beginning of the New Year, the Novel Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic situation has been escalating throughout the country.

28 June 2021 [BIOTECAN]

Biotecan participates in the nucleic acid test of the Transit Inspection Warehouse, escorting cold chain food safety

In the early morning of the 20th, four people from the Kanhaixuan community in Dongjiang Port District in Tianjin were diagnosed with confirmed cases of local novel coronary pneumonia.

28 June 2021 [BIOTECAN]

"Mobile negative pressure shelter laboratory" helps normalize epidemic prevention and control

In response to the country’s policy on accelerating the production of mobile shelter laboratories and improving nucleic acid testing capabilities, Biotecan has combined its own technical advantages and COVID testing experience to launch a "Mobile Negative Pressure Shelter Laboratory"

24 June 2021 [BIOTECAN]

Overcome the Difficulties in the Pandemic. Biotecan Undertook the Nucleic Acid Testing Task in Qinghuangdao

On Jan. 19, the Health Commission of Qinghuangdao published the list of nucleic acid testing institute for the public. Biotecan, assigned as the only third-party institute, undertook the nucleic acid testing mission to help the prevention of local epidemic.

24 March 2021 [BIOTECAN]

Biotecan has undertaken the COVID-19 test task for Pudong community elderly care institutions

Recently, at the request of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Biotecan has undertaken the COVID-19 nucleic acid test of 6864 staffs in 145 community elderly care institutions in Pudong, Shanghai, and successfully completed the task.

4 March 2021 [BIOTECAN]

Fight again! Biotecan Special Team rushed to Shijiazhuang

After the Shijiazhuang epidemic prevention battle started, Biotecan fulfilled the mission of a third-party medical inspection agency and immediately launched the plan.

20 February 2021 [BIOTECAN]

Biotecan was awarded as "Advanced Group of Shanghai Social Medical Institutions in Fighting against the Novel Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic"

On December the 17th, the 8th Annual Management Meeting of the Shanghai Association of Social Medical Institutions and the Advanced Commendation Meeting for Fighting the Novel Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic was held.

25 January 2021 [BIOTECAN]

Biotecan Nucleic Acid Testing Provides Epidemic Prevention Guarantee for the Double Support Model Commendation Conference

The Pudong New Area Double Support Model Commendation Conference would be hold on December 18, 2020.

23 December 2020 [BIOTECAN]

Biotecan SARS-Cov-2 nucleic acid detection—provide a protective barrier for elderly people

Recently, Biotecan screened the staffs from more than 70 community pension service institutions in Pudong New Area, Shanghai for SARS-Cov-2 by nucleic acid detection. This task was commissioned by the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau.

24 June 2020 [BIOTECAN]

Precise Prevention and Control of COVID-19, BIOTECAN is always in action

Recently, Beijing has continually reported a number of local new confirmed and asymptomatic infected cases of COVID-19.

24 June 2020 [BIOTECAN]
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