Multi-omics technology platform

Technology Platform

From the beginning of its establishment in 2008 to now, Biotecan has been closely holding the pulse of the times, following the pace of national strategy, providing precision medicine services to the public with excellent team, first-class technology and dedication. The molecular medicine center built by Biotecan has set up 12 technical platforms. The center focuses on clinical application and develops large-scale intelligent clinical medical information, multi group biological information, social and psychological factors and other diversified medical data processing, analysis and in-depth mining.

High-throughput sequencing technology platform
New strategic material R & D platform
Protein analysis platform
Metabolomics analysis platform
Metal omics analysis platform
Circulating tumor cell detection platform
Microbiome analysis platform
DDPCR technology platform
Microfluidic chip platform
Time-of-flight mass spectrometry platform
Gene expression profiling platform
Epigenetics testing platform