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Postdoctoral Programs

In order to speed up the training of scientific research and innovation talents, to create a new generation of talent in the field of medical and health echelon, enhance the ability of enterprises to innovate and create more cutting-edge results of science and technology, to maintain industry-leading position, in January 2015, Biotecan submitted postdoctoral workstations declare materials. In April 2015, after the approval of the National Postdoctoral Committee, Shanghai Biotecan became the post office of postdoctoral workshop of Pudong New District.

Biotecan focuses on personnel training and management, establishing of post-doctoral management office, set up a person responsible for the management and the introduction of relevant management practices,to improve and strengthen the personnel service system. At the same time Biotecan to increases personnel training in scientific research, set up a "Biotecan post-doctoral innovation talent support plan", which is the base of achievements rattan biological "precision medical leaders".

At present, Shanghai Biotecan Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. postdoctoral workstations have tutor Dr. Lou Jingwei, Dr. Xi Yang, Prof. Yuhua and other industry experts and scholars.

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