"Mobile negative pressure shelter laboratory" helps normalize epidemic prevention and control

24 June 2021 [BIOTECAN]

In response to the country’s policy on accelerating the production of mobile shelter laboratories and improving nucleic acid testing capabilities, Biotecan has combined its own technical advantages and COVID testing experience to launch a "Mobile Negative Pressure Shelter Laboratory", which is suitable for applications including novel coronavirus Nucleic acid detection of a variety of pathogenic microorganisms, supporting accurate epidemic prevent and control.

Recently, Biotecan's "Mobile Negative Pressure Shelter Laboratory" served in a national project of Hudong Shipyard, specifically, we undertook virus detection services, contributing to the fight against the epidemic.

In this global outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia, nucleic acid testing laboratories have played a huge role in epidemic control. However, when dealing with local outbreaks, sufficient detection service is often hindered by the long duration of novel laboratory construction, renovation problems, limited space, and high risk of contamination, leading to not fulfilling the urgent needs of epidemic prevention and control.

Biotecan’s “Mobile Negative Pressure Shelter Laboratory” is constructed strictly following the Second-Level Biosafety Standards and it is equipped with various advanced instruments. The Lab also ensures the safety of laboratory personnel and has the capacity to carry out virus detection and screening tasks at any time, and fully meets the requirements of detecting novel coronaviruses plus various microorganisms. Our variety of microbial nucleic acid testing techniques can improve the virus detection capabilities of all levels and regions, which contribute to the prevention and control of the COVID-19 spread.

The size of Biotcan’s Mobile negative pressure shelter laboratory is equal to that of a standard container. The internal space is divided into reagent preparation room, sample preparation room, gene amplification room, and isolation room. It integrates virus detection, negative pressure system, disinfection system, communication and monitoring system as well as other work as one of the mobile nucleic acid testing laboratory solutions.

Flexible Transportation

Independent container module, strong adaptability, can be transferred multiple times and be quickly arranged. It is suitable for special occcasions that requires medium and long-term stay (several months), such as airports, stations, customs, etc.


Our Lab contains clean decoration, negative pressure isolation, high-efficiency filtration, ultraviolet disinfection, and professional medical waste and exhaust gas recycle systems which avoid secondary transmissions of viruses due to inappropriate expel of medical wastes in public areas.

Simple upgradation, high functions expansion

According to different detection purposes, more instruments and equipment can be added to expand the detection range and broaden the application scenarios of the experimental mobile lab.

Information Sharing

The laboratory is equipped with an intelligent management system, which can seamlessly connect with the hospital's automatic control system, fire protection system, inspection system, etc. The real-time data sharing, on-site management, and remote diagnosis ensure efficient real-time monitoring and data feedback.

Large detection throughput

The “single cabin” sample processing capacity of the mobile negative pressure shelter laboratory can accommodate as high as 3,000 persons/day. With the mixed sample detection technology, the daily detection capacity can reach up to 30,000 cases, which can help communities, hospitals, disease control and testing institutions to rapidly increase the detection throughput in a very short time.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the company has quickly organized technical forces and established a complete virus diagnosis solution. With excellent results, we have passed the 2020 National Health Commission's Novel Coronavirus Nucleic Acid Testing Laboratory Quality Assessment and Shanghai Clinical Laboratory Center's Novel Coronavirus Nucleic Acid Testing Capability Verification, designated by the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission as a novel coronavirus nucleic acid testing agency. At the same time, our team has actively participated in the first-line anti-epidemic tasks, undertaking the COVID diagnosis and screening tasks in more than 20 cities in China, and we were honored as the Shanghai key epidemic prevention enterprise.

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