Biotecan Special Team Struggling on the Front Line of Anti-epidemic War

28 June 2021 [BIOTECAN]

At the beginning of the New Year, the Novel Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic situation has been escalating throughout the country. Facing the increasingly severe epidemic prevention and control situation, medical workers from all different cities have rushed to the forefront without hesitation, becoming the most beautiful “retrograder” and the strongest defender. Biotecan was obliged to actively invest in the front line of epidemic prevention, undertaking the task of novel coronavirus detection, relying on our high technology to provide strong support for rapid screening and diagnosis of patients, which become a beautiful scenery of the front line.

We guarantee to complete the sampling task!

"We promise to complete the inspection task!" said by Ms.Kong, a 29-year-old girl who worked in the Precision Medicine Laboratory of Tengzhou Central People's Hospital in Shandong Province. Faced with the sudden epidemic, she should have gone home to reunite with her family, but she decisively gave up the Spring Festival vacation, choosing to stay in the pathogen testing laboratory and fighting against the "epidemic". Various media has overwhelmingly reported on the highly contagious virus, and the hazardous situation with high possibility of getting infected by the fatal virus. However, none of the employees of the Biotecan Tengzhou laboratory team were afraid. As early as 2017, when the avian flu broke out, Biotecan has already undertaken important inspection tasks for the entire city of Tengzhou. Facing pneumonia epidemic, they are duty-bound. They have been working since the first day of the New Year and have undertaken the total of nearly 100 samples from the hospital, including 3 confirmed cases and 1 suspected case. The epidemic is still going on, and testing will never stop. Even when news reported that 4 examiners in Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital may have been infected by the formation of aerosols from blood samples, they still did not flinch. "As a Communist Party member, we must stand our ground" said Ms Kong.

No problem, all laboratories, equipment, and personnel are on standby at any time, waiting for dispatch!

"No problem, all laboratories, equipment, and personnel are on standby at any time, waiting to be dispatched!" answered firmly by Director Niu of the Molecular Medicine Laboratory of Biotecan Kaifeng Central Hospital in the face of the epidemic. After the outbreak of the epidemic, Henan has shocked social media field with a series of hardcore operations. The leaders of Kaifeng City Government and hospitals were also actively monitoring the situation, and planned to quickly localize the detection of the novel coronavirus in the city so that the patients can be quickly diagnosed. The molecular medicine laboratory of Biotecan Kaifeng Central Hospital meet the second-level biosafety standards, and the technicians also have excellent technology and years of molecular testing experience. Therefore, the leaders of the hospital asked Director Niu whether the laboratory would undertake the task of nucleic acid detection of the virus. "No problem, all laboratories, equipment, and personnel are on standby at any time, waiting to be dispatched!" Director Niu replied decisively. Once the laboratory undertook testing tasks, all routine scientific research tasks and clinical molecular testing tasks must be stopped immediately. The company headquarters and Biotecan Henan subsidiary had a very clear attitude and supported the front-line anti-epidemic at all costs. Timely help allocating resources and coordinating routine molecular diagnostic sample triage. The inspectors at the center, Ms.Zhang and Ms.Li, are both young girls who certainly were frightened when dealing with the menacing epidemic. However, Director Niu and her technical friends insisted that “the epidemic is the order, and the prevention as well as the control is the responsibility. We, as long as wearing doctors robes, must stick to the front line, regardlessly cooperate with the hospital to undertake this inspection task!"

No problem, leave the task of picking up the samples to us!

"No problem, leave the task of picking up the samples to us!" This was the firm pledge of Director Zhang of the Molecular Medicine Laboratory of Biotecan Dengzhou Central Hospital in the face of the epidemic! Throughout the Spring Festival, because Dengzhou is the closest city in Henan to Hubei, the task of prevention and control was extremely difficult and urged. All samples of suspected cases in the hospital were sent to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Thus, the central laboratory would not undertake nucleic acid testing tasks for the time being, but Biotecan’s employees were “always prepared”. Throughout the Spring Festival, the laboratories were all on standby, waiting for the hospital's work arrangements, and went all out to carry out other daily inspection tasks. When the hospital leaders asked the laboratory staff whether they would help delivering patient samples, Director Zhang answered without hesitation, "No problem, we are willing to delivering samples!" Although picking up samples was only one small part of the process, close contact with highly concentrated samples also meant that they were exposed with higher risk of infection. All workers of the Dengzhou Center adhered to their job with no shrink, and actively assisted the hospital in the prevention and the control of this contagious virus.

Shanghai Biotecan has many similar laboratories across the country. Virus testing is the forefront of the war against the epidemic. Our employees are the best as facing arduous challenges at all times. You are the most beautiful “retrograde” and the strongest defender. Salute to all of you!

Epidemic is the order, prevention and control is the responsibility

Despite the hard work, the storm will finally blown away and the gold is unveiled. The epidemic continues to spread. On February 3rd, all the company’s senior executives were in lace to urgently work overtime, mobilizing company resources, deploying anti-virus testing tasks, and actively contact the government management department of the epidemic area in Hubei to apply for joining the front-line battlefield of the epidemic. The company is determined to lead all front-;ine employees of hospitals across the country, resolutely obey President Xi’s wise instructions which “epidemic is the order, the prevention and the control are the responsibility,” and work together with the people of the country to protect the health and happiness of everyone and every family.

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