Biotecan has undertaken the COVID-19 test task for Pudong community elderly care institutions

4 March 2021 [BIOTECAN]

Recently, at the request of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Biotecan has undertaken the COVID-19 nucleic acid test of 6864 staffs in 145 community elderly care institutions in Pudong, Shanghai, and successfully completed the task. Our meticulous service and professional technology interpreted the responsibility and strength of Biotecan, providing a strong guarantee for cutting off the possible spread of the virus, safeguarding people's lives and health, and contributing to the control of the epidemic by building a strong health protection.

In order to comprehensively carry out the daily prevention and the control of the COVID-19 epidemic in Shanghai, to strengthen advanced prevention by activating screening measures for high-risk employees, and to improve the efficiency of "early detection" which prevented the occurrence and spread of the epidemic by dedicated to precise disease prevention, the Civil Affairs Bureau of Shanghai Pudong appointed Biotecan to carry out the COVID nuclec acid test for employees in Pudong elderly care institutions, according to the actual situation in the elderly-care institutions in Pudong New Area, as well as the requirements of the “Notice of the Shanghai New Coronavirus Nucleic Acid Detection and Screening Work Plan for Personnel in High-risk Posts”.

Community elderly care institutions are located in various locations in Pudong New Area. Our staffs drove to Lingang, Laogang and other areas to provide free on-site sampling services to all institutions’staffs. Due to adequate preparations for the task, within one week, all 6864 staffs of 145 community elderly care institutions were sampled, and the test reports were issued within 5-15 hours to escort the safety of the elderly care institutions.

After successfully completing theCOVID-19 nucleic acid screening job for more than 70 community elderly care institutions in Pudong New Area in June 2020, Biotecan once again undertook the screening tasks for 6864 staffs in 145 community elderly care institutions in Pudong New Area, demonstrating the professionalization of Biotecan’s high-quality testing services. Biotecan will continue to provide customers with high-quality and efficient testing services, and actively fulfill the mission and responsibilities of our company, contributing to the prevention and control of the epidemic.

At present, Biotecan has undertaken the sampling tasks of staffs and cold-chain food for various areas and institutions, including Tianjin Binhai New Area, Transit inspection Warehouse, Shanghai Customs, Shanghai Pudong Public Security Bureau, Pudong Community Elderly Institutions, Scientific Research Institutes, China State Construction Group, Sinopec Group, Foxconn, China Europe International Business School, etc., contributing to the prevention of latent spread of the epidemic, and the safe resumption of work and school, business and market.

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