Biotecan was awarded as "Advanced Group of Shanghai Social Medical Institutions in Fighting against the Novel Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic"

25 January 2021 [BIOTECAN]

On December the 17th, the 8th Annual Management Meeting of the Shanghai Association of Social Medical Institutions and the Advanced Commendation Meeting for Fighting the Novel Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic was held. The conference commended Advance collectives and individuals for their active performance in the fight against COVID-19 epidemic from social medical institutions and staffs. Shanghai Biotecan Medical Laboratory was bestowed the title of “Advanced Collective of Shanghai Social Medical Institutions in Fighting against the Novel Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic". The outstanding service of all Biotecan employees during the anti-epidemic period has been highly recognized by Shanghai government.

The sail stands proud, as if a window to the cloud.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Biotecan has assumed social responsibility and has been incumbent on the front line of epidemic prevention. Shanghai Biotecan Medical Laboratory actively responds to the Shanghai Party Committee and government’s epidemic prevention and control deployment. Under the leadership of the company’s president, Dr. Lou Jingwei, all personnel have become anti-epidemic fighters, duty-bound, forward-minded, and holding their mission at hands.

All staff assembled, ready to fight.

At the beginning of the epidemic, the company issued an emergency arrangement, immediately returning all employees back to workforce to prepare for the battle. The company established epidemic prevention and control work plans, emergency arrangements, and a leading commander group for epidemic control. A novel coronavirus sampling kit research team, a detection emergency team, as well as a sampling emergency team were assembled. The company strived for raising epidemic prevention materials, providing strong material guarantee for winning the battle against epidemic. At the same time, the company’s subsidiaries and sub-centers also held hands with local governments and hospitals to actively participate in the fight. Our company joined with decimal clinical units to establish the Joint Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory for molecular diagnosis of the novel coronavirus. The labs, which ten was requisitioned by the government, became the official nucleic acid testing site. The company provided free laboratory sites, qualified medical staffs, euqipments and consumbales.

Our benevolence, love and responsibility.

In the early stage of the outbreak, epidemic prevention and control materials shortage was ubiquitous in the country. As the old saying goes, one call may raise a hundred response. Biotecan coordinated resources channeling from multiple directions and continuously donated anti-epidemic materials to the front line, contributing for the greater good.

Ride the wind and waves, move forward courageously.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Biotecan Medical Laboratory has designed and expanded its capacity in accordance to the standards of Wuhan "Huoyan" Laboratory (P2 Biosafety Level 2 Laboratory), and has undertaken virus sampling tasks for the Shanghai Transit Inspection Warehouse, Shanghai Customs, Shanghai Pudong Public Security Branch, and Pudong Community Pension Institutions, scientific research institutes, China State Construction Corporation, Sinopec, Foxconn, China Europe International Business School and other units, and cold chain food screening; to undertake task of novel coronavirus screening for Shanghai foreigners and high-risk returnees Investigation; to undertake the assigned task which was the construction of a shelter laboratory for a key national project; to contribute to the safe resumption of work and school, business and market, preventing the rebound of the epidemic.

During the epidemic, our company cooperated with the Center for Disease Contro and Prevention, Huoshengshan Hospital, and the Institute of Microbiology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to promote joint scientific and technological research on coronavirus detection. In addition, our company’s self-developed novel coronavirus nucleic acid and antibody detection kits acquired EU-approved CE certification in March, 2020, and was selected into the Ministry of Commerce's anti-epidemic material export whitelist on June 1, 2020, contributing the support for the global fight against the coronavirus.

Shanghai Biotecan Medical Laboratory, as a key Epidemic Prevention Enterprise, made urgent actions, rapid response, comprehensive mobilization and deployment, precise policy implementation, unity in cooperation, scientific prevention and control, as well as strong measures that successfully fulfilled the epidemic control mission. Although the global epidemic situation is still complicated, and various uncontrollable obstacles existence, the Shanghai Biotcan Medical Laboratory will ensure long-lasting contributions be made to keep the courageous fight, under the lead of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and Government.

At present, the nationwide fight against the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has achieved remarkable results, but the risk of possible epidemic rebound still exists. As a Shanghai Key Epidemic Prevention Enterprise, Biotecan will continue to carry out its mission and responsibilities, fully utilize the role of third-party medical testing laboratories, and continuously improve its own technical level and service advantage for supporting for epidemic prevention, dedicating to the development of healthcare services.

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