Certificates of National High-tech Enterprises were conferred on Shanghai Biotecan pharmaceuticals

6 May 2020


Recently, both the Shanghai Biotecan pharmaceuticals Co.,Ltd and Shanghai Biotecan Medical Laboratory Co.,Ltd were approved to obtain the certificates of National High-tech Enterprises which were jointly issued by Shanghai Commission of Science and Technology, Shanghai Finance Bureau and Shanghai Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation.

Gaining the certificates of National High-tech Enterprises proved that Biotecan had fully won the recognition of local and national identification administration departments and evaluation experts in terms of quality control level, technological innovation level and enterprise management level. In the future, Biotecan will adhere to the development strategy of independent and sustainable innovation, and pay more efforts in technological innovation and platform introduction to continuously improve the core competitiveness and technological innovation capacity of enterprise. Biotecan will also strengthen the enterprises technical barriers, and strive to provide technical and platform support for the precision medicine research practice and industrial breakthrough, promoting the rapid industrialization of scientific and technological innovation achievements, and create an innovation ecosystem of intelligent medical, finally making contribution to speeding up the establishment of science and technology innovation center with global influence of Shanghai.

Up to present, Biotecan has 17 authorized invention patents, 23 applications, 5 authorized utility model patents, 1 application, and 29 registered software copyrights. Biotecan will make full use of these innovative research and development achievements, and integrate all kinds of innovative resources to construct a general technology supporting platform which will encompass the modules of cutting-edge detection technology, medical mega data, and innovative treatment and so on. Based on this platform, Biotecan will further build a national major industries transformation and innovation platform of life science and technology, to help the industrialization of scientific and technological innovation achievements, and create an industry innovation ecosystem.

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